Conférence : Eduardo Mario MENDIONDO - 17/7/2023


17 juillet 2023    
15:00 - 16:00

Type d’évènement

Eduardo Mario MENDIONDO
University of São Paulo, Brazil

“Recycling Water Assets for Sustainable Habitats: opportunities of urban physics to support the development of cities”


Despite cities’ complexities, what do Abidjan(Africa), Muscat (Oman), São Paulo (Brazil) and Montpellier(France) have in common?
On the one hand, their urban physics for complex cities (UPCC) can be addressed as “cell cities and membrane systems” with optimal power of recycling water assets for sustainable habitats (ReWASH).
On the other hand, these cities accelerate cross-cutting dialogue as “game changer and climate action” towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in new UNESCO-IHP-Ecohydrology Demonstrative sites.
This Seminar welcome a wide audience of participants from University of Montpellier to discuss challenges and opportunities on UPCC-ReWASH-SDG through international cooperation in the context of PEI I-SITE MUSE mobility, promoting new funding perspectives on academy and research.


Conférence : Eduardo Mario MENDIONDO – 17/7/2023
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