Lundi 20 juin à 14h

Séminaire de

Volodymyr TARABARA

« Virus adhesion to membrane materials: Implications for virus removal in water treatment systems »



Prof. Tarabara received PhD (2004) and MS (2001) degrees in Environmental Engineering from Rice University in Houston, Texas. His research is in the area of separation processes with applications that include water treatment, industrial pollution control and biosafety monitoring. Prof. Tarabara has co-authored over 90 journal papers and co-edited the Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology (Wiley). His current editorial duties include serving as an Editor of Separation and Purification Technology (Elsevier) and as the Editor for Special Collections of the Journal of Environmental Engineering (ASCE). He is a recipient of the Paul L. Busch award from the Water Environment Research Foundation and three Fulbright awards – U.S. Scholar fellowship (Georgia), Fulbright Specialist placement (Ukraine) and Global Scholar award (France, Georgia, Singapore). In 2019 he received Doctor honoris causa from the Agricultural University of Georgia in Tbilisi. Dr. Tarabara also serves as Director of the Center for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at Michigan State University.

Conférence : Volodymyr TARABARA – 20/6/2022
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