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The Transversal “Energy” Axis aims to federate researchers and teacher-researchers from the three departments (DM3, GPM and IP2), as well as engineers and technicians from the general service, around a common theme, energy. As a transversal organization to departments, its main objective is to identify priority themes or challenges, or even to initiate emerging topics, on the basis of collaborative and inter-departmental internal projects. The Transversal “Energy” axis draws its strength from the complementarity of the IEM’s skills, which concern technologies such as: the production, separation, purification and storage of gases such as hydrogen; systems for energy generation (mainly (bio-)fuel cells); energy storage via lithium-ion batteries; and CO2 reduction.

The missions of the Transversal Axis “Energy” are scientific and organizational. Scientific missions are, among other things, to identify scientific priorities in the context of the IEM and in consultation with the departments, and to initiate significant orientations on innovative and unifying projects, taking into account the specificities of IEM researchers and teacher-researchers. One of the main organizational missions concerns the emergence, maturation and financing (internally, by management) of project proposals (collaborative and unifying) in the field of energy.

The Transversal Axis “Energy” relies on an “office” made up of one representative per department:
– DM3: Mikhael BECHELANY,
– GPM : Laurence SOUSSAN,
– IP2: Sophie TINGRY.

The animation of the Transversal Axis “Energy” is done through monthly meetings (open to all IEM staff) alternating or combining meetings (scientific, technical, exchanges and / or information), internal seminars of non-permanent, internal seminars of permanent staff, and / or seminars of external speakers.


Damien VOIRY

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