The department “Design of Membrane Materials and Multifunctional systems” (DM3), animated by Dr. M. Bechelany and Prof. J. Cambedouzou brings together 19 permanent researchers.
The core competency of the “Materials” research field lies in the development of functional and application-oriented materials ranging from the molecular level up to the characterization of their properties and testing. Materials-specific and technological aspects for proof of concept and industrial applications are considered.

The objective of DM3 department is to solve scientific challenges in the field of materials science, in particular through the activities of the four clusters:

Molecules, colloids and porous materials (MCP)
J. Cambedouzou, U.B. Demirci, M. Drobek, A. Julbe (leader), M. Rivallin, F. Rouessac

From precursors to nanomaterials (PNM)
M. Bechelany, D. Cornu, P. Miele (leader), S. Roualdes, V. Rouessac, C. Salameh, D. Voiry

Systems membranes (NSA)
M. Barboiu, S. Cerneaux (leader), C. Innocent

Biomimetic Interfaces and Nanopores (INB)
S. Balme (leader), J.-M. Janot

Fundamentals to Applications using Simulation and Theory (FAST)
R. Pellenq

The researchers have an excellent expertise and gained an international recognition in their area that contribute to the thematic diversity, high quality scientific production, and the visibility of the DM3 department. With this potential, the research developed in the department lies within the context with strong scientific and technical issues, particularly through large-scale projects such as ANR, FUI and EU projects as well as industrial partnerships.

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