Fields of expertises :

  • Interfacial electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis
  • Vibrational spectroscopies (Raman, IR)
  • Electrochemical and electromembrane microsystems and processes

Team responsible

Dr. Sophie Tingry DR2, CNRS

Team members:


Prof. Marc Cretin, UM (FdS)
Dr. Philippe Da Costa, Associate Professor UM (IUT Génie Biologique)
Dr. Stéfano Deabate, Associate Professor ENSCM
Dr. Yaovi Holade, Associate Professor ENSCM
Prof. Patrice Huguet, UM (FdS)
Dr. Stella Lacour, Associate Professor UM (IUT Chimie)
Serge Lagerge, Associate Professor UM (FdS)
Dr. Philippe Sistat, Associate Professor UM (FdS)


The cluster develops its research activities in the fields of energy and environment:

  • Electrochemistry and Membranes
    1. Physico-chemical studies of electrode materials, membranes and interfaces for electrocatalysis
    2. Physico-chemical studies of ions and solvent transfer in ionic membrane systems: interaction structure-properties (surface properties, interfacial phenomena, modelling)
    3. Coupling between vibrational spectroscopy(in situ ATR-IRTF, operando Raman) and electrochemical methods to study the water transport through the membranes in continuous operation in fuel cells
    4. Interaction between advanced electrochemical oxidative process «ElectroFenton » and baromembrane filtration (MF/UF/NF)
  • Applications
    1. Enzymatic and hybrid biofuel cells / macro and microfluidic devices
    2. Power generators for portable electronics, Electrolysers, Fuel cells
    3. Water purification and desalination
    4. Treatment of industrial wastes


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