Leader: José SANCHEZ


To develop the integration of membranes into processes, as independent processes of separation/extraction/purification/concentration (for gas separation, microfiltration, nanofiltration, etc) or as coupled and/or multi-functional processes (membrane bioreactor, enzymatic membrane reactor, advanced oxidation, adsorption). Through the use and development of multi-scale analysis and modeling tools, our methodology is based on the observation, quantification and modeling of transfers and reactions (chemical, photochemical, enzymatic or biological ones) to intensify a given process and to propose some innovative processes which would be efficient, sure, easy to control, compact, with a low energetic cost and a low environmental impact.

Technical support:

Analysis: HPLC ; Gas chromatography ; Flamme atomic absorption ; Spectrophotometer UV-Visible (+Peltier) ; COT-meter ; NH$_4$+/NO$_x$ online probes.

Semi industrial pilot units: Enzymatic membrane reactor ; membrane bioreactor ;  

Projects actually developed:

  • Enzymatic Membrane Reactor (REM)
  • Membrane BioReactor for wastewater treatment.
  • Separation / selective extraction in aqueous solutions by porous membranes
  • Coupling of membrane and advanced oxidation process (AOP)
  • Catalytic ozonation of industrial effluents
  • Oxydation of membrane filtration retentates for wastewater reuse
  • Coupling of membrane with sorption
  • Membrane contactors
  • Macroporous membranes (“breathing” membranes)
  • Modeling the coupling of membrane and high temperature electrolysis
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