Chaimaa GOMRI

defended her PhD thesis on 15 december 2023

Advanced Water Remediation: Adsorption and Electrooxidation Techniques for Effective PFAS Treatment

Front of the jury composed of:

– Mme Tatiana BUDTOVA, Directrice de recherche CNRS, Mines Paris-Tech. – Rapporteuse
– M. Volker Abetz, Professeur à Université de Hamburg – Rapporteur
– Mme Karine Groenen-Serrano, Professeur à Université Paul Sabatier-Toulouse – Examinatrice
– M. Ali Trabolsi, Professeur à NYU Abu Dhabi – Examinateur
– M. Jerzy Zajac, Professeur à Université de Montpellier – Examinateur
– M. Marc Cretin, Professeur à Université de Montpellier – Directeur de thèse
– Mme Mona Semsarilar, Directrice de recherche CNRS, Université de Montpellier – Directrice de thèse


PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are persistent micropollutants that can accumulate in the environment, including soil, water, and air. Furthermore, they are not easily degradable. Various health issues have been linked to exposure to PFAS, making their presence in water a growing global concern. These substances contaminate water through multiple sources, such as industrial discharges, landfills, firefighting foams, and wastewater treatment plants. This thesis evaluates two approaches for remediating PFAS contamination: Adsorption using films based on nanocrystalline cellulose (CNC) and degradation by anodic electro- oxidation using a Magnéli phase-based anode. To enhance the adsorption capability of CNC for PFAS, three different modification approaches have been applied. The degradation of PFAS through anodic electro-oxidation has been assessed using sub-stoichiometric titanium oxide(Ti4O7) anode. The efficiency of the Ti4O7 anode in degrading PFAS has been examined using two anode configurations: plate configuration and reactive electrochemical membrane (REM).

PhD defense: Chaimaa GOMRI – 15/12/2023
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