Iuliana-Marilena ANDREI

defended her PhD thesis

Biomimetic synthetic self-assembled proton channels

on 27 Septembre 2023

Front of the jury composed of:

– M. Mihail Barboiu, DR, CNRS – Directeur de thèse
– Mme. Niculina HADADE, MCF, Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca – Rapporteur
– M. Guillaume VIVES, MCF, Sorbonne Université – Rapporteur
– M. Stéphane VINCENT, Prof, Université de Namur – Examinateur
– M. Michael SMIETANA, Prof., Université de Montpellier – Examinateur
– Mme. Mona SEMSARILAR, CR, CNRS – Examinateur


Cells are the main morpho-functional units underlying the organization of every living organism. The most important function of the cell membrane is the transport. This work presents the design and study of novel artificial self-assembled transmembrane channels. We determined the self-assembly behavior of pillar[5]arene tubular platforms, alkylureido trianglamine compounds and alkylureido tryptophan/tryptamine derivatives channels in lipid bilayer membranes; we investigated the transport properties of the compounds for water and proton and correlated them to water structure at molecular level under confined conditions to determine the optimal design of more active system. The results presented are of crucial relevance to identify the most efficient transport systems and set up the guidelines on how to further optimize them.

Mots clés : proton, canaux synthétiques, auto-assemblés

PhD defense: Luliana-Marilena ANDREI – 27/9/2023
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