Conférence de Jean-Louis KINDLER le vendredi 14 juin à 10h


14 juin 2024    
10:00 - 11:00

Type d’évènement

vendredi 14 juin à 10h00

Jean-Louis Kindler

CEO, Ways2H

«Exploring carbon-negative hydrogen production pathways : R&D opportunities in waste to hydrogen conversion»


Short bio:

Jean-Louis Kindler is CEO of Ways2H, a leading commercial provider of Waste-to-Hydrogen solutions for mobility and grid applications. Jean-Louis and his team are developing solutions and projects that transform the world’s worst waste – MSW, plastics, medical refuse – into clean energy and fuel.
A 30-year veteran of the cleantech industry with work experience in Europe, Asia and North America, Jean-Louis led the development of various technologies including electrochemical water treatment, biobased waste-to-energy as well as fuel cell components manufacturing.


Conférence de Jean-Louis KINDLER le vendredi 14 juin à 10h
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