Ludovic DUMEE

Institute for Frontier Materials – Deakin University, Australia
All in one – potential of membrane reactors for water treatment
Membrane reactors are combinatorial materials offering both sieve and separation capabilities of conventional membranes as well surface reactivity to allow for conversion or degradation of compounds. Recent works on thin films composite catalytic reactors offer promising routes to the mineralization and separation of complex industrial or agricultural effluents. Such reactors also offer platforms for fouling control and remediation by providing the necessary surface reactivity to desorb contaminants or prevent cake layer formation. After presenting the general activities at the Institute for Frontier Materials, this talk will present works performed in the Separation Materials Team at Deakin on photo/electro/bio membrane reactors, and explore opportunities for applications in the area of water management and sustainable resource recovery from waste water.
His bio:
Dr. Ludo DUMEE is a research fellow leading the Separation Materials Team within the Institute for Frontier Materials at Deakin University. He is also a Stream Leader at the TERI-Deakin Nanobiotech center in India, aiming at developing cost-effective remediation solutions for industrial contaminated water. After graduating his Masters from the ENSISA (Mulhouse) he did his PhD at the CSIRO/Victoria University in Australia on the design of carbon nanotube membranes for desalination applications. After his PhD he successively worked on aqueous – solvent separation and reclamation used for carbon capture at the University of Melbourne, as well as on the development of nanoporous metal materials for environmental applications.

Conférence : Dr. DUMEE – 25/9/2017
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