Ludovic DUMEE

Alfred Deakin Research Fellow – Institute for Frontier Materials, DEAKIN UNIVERISTY

Nano-porous metal materials – a review

Abstract: Metal materials offer enhanced unconventional plasmonic properties and catalytic properties at the nanoscale due to the presence of vacancies across their structures and to their high surface to volume ratio. Such materials also typically offer enhanced stability against non-aqueous solvents and less affinity for fouling with organic matter. Nano-porous metal materials therefore offer opportunities in separation science for catalytic degradation and surface reactions as well as for the purification of complex industrial waste. This presentation will present the recent advances in the design of pure metal or hybrid metal nano-porous materials, benchmarked against commercial inorganic or polymeric materials used on separation applications. A general overview of the research streams of the Separation Materials Team at Deakin University will also be presented.

Short Bio: Ludovic DUMEE is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Frontier Materials at Deakin University, Melbourne – Australia. His research interests lay in the design of hierarchical structures for enhanced efficiency in separation and purification applications. After a PhD on the fabrication and characterization of carbon nanotube membranes at the CSIRO (Australian National Lab), he joined the University of Melbourne as a Research Fellow working on carbon capture and utilization, particularly focused on the reclamation of industrial solvents used during chemical absorption of acid gas and CO2, with membrane technologies. He then joined Deakin University and works on the design of advanced graphene and metal materials, as well as on the control their surface chemistries towards the design of hierarchical structures. His research interests largely span from nano-metallurgy to surface chemistry and the control of the density and porosity of thin films at the nanoscale.

Conférence : Ludovic DUMEE – 26/11/2015
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