Jean-Marc Janot received his Ph.D. in Biophysics from the University of Paris VI ‘Pierre et Marie Curie’ in 1986. He then made a first post-doctoral position of a year and a half at the laboratory of the LURE (laboratory for the use of electromagnetic radiation) at Orsay on the study of the primary steps of photosynthesis by spectrofluorimetry resolved in time, then a second, also of a year and a half, to the ‘ Medical Research Council (MRC) ‘ in London on the study of molecular dynamics of proteins by time resolved fluorescence and anisotropy of fluorescence. Since 1989 he is a researcher in section 14 of the CNRS.
His current research activity take place within the European Institute of the membranes of Montpellier (IEM) in the Department of physical chemistry.

After working on the study of the mechanisms of transfer of energy and electrons in biomimetic systems, especially photosynthetic reaction centers and on the study of the photophysical properties of fullerenes he is now interested in the interaction of macromolecules with materials; to the phenomena of adsorption, containment and adsorption of proteins. Most of his activity lies in the ‘Health’ axis developed within the IEM.

All of his work is focused on the study of the changes of the fluorescence properties of macromolecules. To do this, he has developed in recent years, a system for measuring time-resolved fluorescence in a confocal configuration. This equipment provides information on the kinetics of adsorption of proteins and on their structural modifications; it allows more precise and quick Interfacial concentration measurements (ng/cm2) reached on all types of media.

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